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  " Our company is the sole corporation invested by Micro Denshi Co.,Ltd in Beijing, China in September, 2002. In order to adapt to the development in the automobile industry of China, enhance the market competitiveness, reduce the cost and provide better service for customers, Micro Denshi Co., Ltd has begun to develop, design,produce and sell the microwave and hot-air continuous vulcanization equipment in Beijing, China with the drawings and production technology of the head office. Since the establishment of our company, the head office has regularly dispatched technicians to provide guidance and supervision during the development, design and production of the equipment in Beijing, in order to guarantee the performance and quality of the equipment.The microwave vulcanizing grooves and hot-air vulcanizing grooves produced by our company are mainly applied for the production of sealing strips of automobile doors &windows, and building doors &windows,curtain walls,ships and subways,etc. Our company has produced thousand of microwave vulcanizing grooves,hot-air vulcanizing grooves and curing equipment since establishment.

  The products are not only sold in China, but also exported to America,Mexico,Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and India, etc.



  The operation principle of our company: Constantly enhance the qualification of the employees and the product quality with the goal of the customers’ satisfaction, so that Micro (Beijing) Co., Ltd can provide characteristic and satisfactory equipment for the society combining personality and customers’ satisfaction. Our company will unite with Micro Denshi Co., Ltd and make concerted efforts to realize great achievements. We hope that we can get great support from all circles ofthe society."